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Where do you envision your career taking you?

Information for school students, students and career starters just starting out.

Learning from each other.

Making use of your potential – a win-win situation for all.

TK Elevator champions diversity and, as such, is keen to promote a heterogeneous age structure within the company. Together with you, we want to develop new things and forge new paths. We love the fresh impetus that you, as our career entrants, bring to the company and are eager to capitalize on it, while allowing you to learn from us. During your internship or vocational training program, or on your entry into the company, you will be provided with the tools you need to make a success of your first career phase. We in turn will learn from you and your perhaps unconventional ideas. By creating a mixed age structure comprising fledgling professionals and experienced employees, we create a corporate culture that benefits everyone, both young and old. We encourage and challenge you. And you, us.

Who counts as an entrant at TK Elevator?

School students

Would you like to do a formal vocational training program or school internship at TK Elevator? You can find more information here.


Are you looking for an integrated degree program, an internship or a position as a working student? You can find more information here.


Have you recently completed your degree and are now looking to embark on a career? You can find more information here.​​​​​​​

Formal vocational training programs at TK Elevator.

What do you want to do?

As a forward-looking company with a bright future, we can offer you a wide range of career opportunities. Each year, we take on 300 apprentices for our formal vocational training programs at our locations around the world. The qualifications our apprentices later receive include those of industrial mechanic, mechatronics engineer, electronics engineer, commercial clerk, and specialist for wholesale and foreign trade. We take great pride in our apprentices and always try to offer them jobs once they have completed their formal vocational training programs.

Formal vocational training programs at TK Elevator: the facts.

Opportunities for our youngest candidates.

School students.

Are you interested in a specific profession and want to find out whether it is right for you? Our individualized internships for school students enable you to get a taste of what working in your preferred field is like. At some locations we offer short, two-day internships that prepare you for specific formal vocational training programs. These enable you to gain key insights into your future work environment before you submit your application.

You can also opt to begin your formal vocational training program directly and become qualified within your dream profession, be it in the technical/skilled trade or the commercial sector. Our training program managers are always on hand to provide our apprentices with expert, reliable guidance and advice.


Broaden your theoretical knowledge through practice. We offer student internships in a range of different fields. So whether you are studying engineering or business administration, we are sure to have the right internship for you. You can also choose to write your degree thesis on a technical subject relevant to our company. To do this, simply approach us with your suggested subject topic. You may alternatively want to cover theory and practice in equal measure and do an integrated degree after leaving school? This, too, is possible at TK Elevator.


Join TK Elevator upon completing your degree and embark on a successful career with us. We provide you with an extensive induction phase designed to familiarize you with our corporate structures and the respective job area. We also prepare you for future specialist and management positions. Thanks to this procedure, you become a fully-fledged team member in no time, and are therefore quickly able to contribute productively and advance through the tasks and challenges you take on.

Engineer instead of teacher.

Finding my dream job by accident.

“Like so many others, I wanted to go into teaching. But because teaching degree programs were so sought after, I ended up looking around for something else and getting a job with a company specializing in large gear units,” explains Britta Mehring. The 26-year-old engineer has been working on the innovative MULTI elevator system for a good six months now and is delighted with her decision to choose a career in technology over a career in schools.

All vacancies for career starters and apprentices.

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