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thyssenkrupp Elevator as an employer.

A visionary employer offering excellent prospects.

For its employees and customers.

Our everyday life, both as a company and an employer, is driven by our passion for moving people. To our customers around the world, we are a reliable supplier of elevators, escalators and boarding bridges. When it comes to our employees, we do our utmost to offer them the best working conditions, an appreciative team environment, challenging tasks and good career prospects. After all, our employees’ work performance and customer focus are elementary aspects of our innovative strength and reliability. Ensuring employee satisfaction is therefore of key importance to us.

What does thyssenkrupp Elevator stand for?

The facts.

53081 employees

63 countries

40 years of company history

124 nationalities

What we offer.

How we show our employees our appreciation.

Compensation and benefits.

It goes without saying that we offer our employees an attractive salary. We also provide them with a wide range of supplementary benefits, which vary depending on location, position and business area. We serve as an employer in over 60 countries, offering numerous benefits in line with the specific country standards and requirements. In Germany, for example, all our employees receive Christmas and holiday pay as well as a company pension. In the USA, we offer our employees health benefits and, in our large plants China, we put on shuttle busses for our employees to travel to their workplace in comfort, without needing to use public transport. Many of our locations also offer their own canteens. In countries where collective bargaining agreements are in place, we regularly renegotiate these agreements and coordinate important decisions with employee representatives.

Individual development and career opportunities.

Growth in the demands placed on us and our products necessitates growth at thyssenkrupp Elevator. To enable us to jointly tackle the challenges ahead, we offer our employees a range of further training measures by which to develop both professionally and personally. These include regular qualification needs assessment talks and further training programs. Our in-house training provider, “seed campus,” is available on the global training-management system and offers a wide selection of business-specific technical and non-technical training courses for all professional levels and all divisions. thyssenkrupp Elevator employees also have access to a range of learning content.

A cutting-edge work environment.

We know what our customers’ needs will look like in the future and what they will demand of us. We want our employees to be able to perform their work effectively and reliably at all times. Ensuring that they have the appropriate means to do so and enjoy a high level of occupational safety is crucial in this regard. We therefore provide our employees with high-quality equipment that meets modern occupational safety requirements in every respect. We also invest consistently and continuously in technical equipment and training for our employees.

Mutual respect in the workplace.

We believe that teamwork and mutual respect can achieve great things. Indeed, we see it as crucial to thyssenkrupp Elevator’s success that our employees enjoy an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. We value all our employees, both as individuals and in terms of their contribution to our company’s success.

A good work-life balance.

We take our employees’ personal needs seriously and create flexible solutions, allowing them to bring their working and private lives into better balance. These include highly flexible working hours, part-time concepts and general support for employees facing family or personal challenges.

Individual jobs and responsibilities.

We want you to be able to fulfill your potential and perform at your best, and therefore strive to offer you a role and set of responsibilities ideally suited to your skill set. Our job and task descriptions are designed to accurately reflect the challenges that the respective role will later entail. So that you know what to expect. With us, you get not only the job that we promised you, but also a working environment that will challenge you and enable you to grow.

thyssenkrupp Elevator as an employer.

What we are.


We live out our passion for technology.


We recognize the achievements of our employees.


We are a dependable partner.


We are a globally active company.


We get involved and assume responsibility.


We always keep our goal and our customers in mind.

Our foundations.