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At TK Elevator, commercial experts play an important role across many different positions. This is especially the case within project management, where their role is of key strategic significance. Here, they use their business expertise to manage and coordinate all aspects of a project (be it an internal or a customer project) and ultimately ensure its successful completion. In a marketing and sales context, for example, our commercial experts are tasked with inspiring customers with our products and services. Other areas in which our commercial experts assume key responsibilities include accounting and controlling, legal, human resources, purchasing and procurement management.

Our commercial experts typically work in areas such as the following:

Distribution / sales


Legal / compliance


Management / administration

Accounting / controlling

Project management / PMO


Examples of the areas in which our commercial experts work.


Our sales team is crucial to our company’s success. Here, our sales professionals connect the needs of our customers with the solutions created by our technical experts, thereby helping our customers achieve ambitious goals. Our sales experts tend to have a strong customer and sales mindset as well as good industry, market and product knowledge and an affinity with technology.

Project management.

Our project managers keep sight of the big picture. They set project goals and ensure that these are met. They coordinate team members and other project participants, and are responsible for planning, monitoring and steering projects in accordance with the applicable project goals. The experience and expertise required of a project manager will vary depending on the project type (internal or customer project, business area of the project) and project size. The type of knowledge necessitated by the role will generally include knowledge of project management tools and technical products, an affinity with metrics and the ability to successfully manage project team members. With us, you can use your expertise to best effect. Our project managers are often business administration, engineering or industrial engineering graduates.


Our IT experts are key to securing TK Elevator’s digital future. Indeed, our success as a company depends on their ability to develop professional IT solutions. Computer scientists who move people are a matter of course at TK Elevator. After all, our IT experts provide us with important support in developing innovations such as MAX and MULTI, as well as in the day-to-day management of our customer projects and mobility solutions (such as by programming elevator control algorithms). The IT world at TK Elevator is diverse and wide-ranging. While some of our IT experts focus on product development, others (in the role of IT product manager, for example) are tasked with ensuring better efficiency and smooth rollouts, and with managing entire internal IT system lifecycles.

All commercial vacancies at TK Elevator:

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