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Unwavering commitment: TK Elevator team makes a hospital in Italy ready for use in just 14 days

After the outbreak of Corona in Italy, rapid assistance is still very much needed. In the heart of the Piemont region in northern Italy, which was severely affected by Corona, the hospital in Verduno has to open much earlier than planned. Capacities for 500 corona patients are to be created. For Enrico Vanni, Installation Manager for Italy at TK Elevator Italia, one thing was immediately clear: He was going to helping! Vanni and his team of nine experts, who come from the region itself, installed the urgently needed elevators within 14 days. In an interview, Enrico Vanni talked about the work at Verduno Hospital and life in the region surrounding Turin in times of Corona.

“With Corona we are all experiencing a pandemic for the first time in our lives,” Enrico Vanni tells us. “Nobody here was prepared for a situation like the one we have in Italy today. Now it’s time to protect what’s left and help each other in a meaningful and reasonable way.”

And that’s exactly what Enrico Vanni and his team did at the end of March at the hospital in Verduno, Italy. The installation of the 30 elevators ordered was scheduled for September 2020, before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. However, given the high infection and mortality rates in northern Italy, the urgency grew to make haste and get the hospital ready for adequate patient and material transport before autumn 2020.

Growing concern for one’s own parents and grandparents

Despite the risk, the dedicated team set about providing medical care for the region and worked at full speed for 14 days.

“For each of us, it was natural to help,” says Vanni. “Some of my friends have already lost their parents or grandparents to Corona.” Such sad news from his own circle of acquaintances would reach him almost daily at the moment, reports the installation technician. “Naturally, I’m also worried about my own parents, who are both over 80 and fall into the risk group.”

Help as a matter of the heart

 Once completed, the hospital in Verduno is one of the largest treatment centres in the region. It was therefore particularly important to be able to treat the large number of patients suffering from COVID-19 as quickly as possible, explains Enrico Vanni.

Together with his team, he did what he deemed to be the right thing to do in these difficult times: Enrico Vanni and his team threw their original schedule overboard and did everything they could to get the hospital ready to receive patients and medical staff as quickly as possible.

“Everyone who helped, did it out of humanity and compassion”, Vanni tells us. For the relief operation in Verduno, he used only the most experienced colleagues, on whose know-how and personal motivation the installation technician could rely. “I am proud and touched to have such good people in my team,” Vanni emphasizes.

 30 elevators in just 14 days

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, Vanni and his team had to complete the workload of three months in just 14 days. In total, the nine-man team has made 30 elevator units operational at Verduno Hospital. Of these, 19 elevators and 6 moving walks were completely reinstalled.

Twelve of the elevators are equipped with state-of-the-art robotics to meet the special needs of medical treatment and care. This ensures safe, hygienic and time-efficient transport of vital materials within the hospital. Best conditions for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Often a short-term but at the same time gentle transport – for example to the intensive care unit – is important here.

To ensure sufficient mobility in the hospital, the TK  Elevator team in Verduno has installed an additional six moving walks which can transport patients safely and gently from A to B.

Everyone can help

 In conversation with Enrico Vanni, it becomes clear that the installation technician and his team did not work in Verduno for their own merit, but for the region and their neighbours, friends and families. “Here in Italy, we hope that a little normality will return to our lives at the end of May or in June,” Vanni says, hopeful.

In order to successfully contain the pandemic, the technician is sure of one thing: “I can only call on everyone to be reasonable and to follow the instructions of their government,” says Vanni. “Until the pandemic is over, we must not lose our courage and our positive attitude, but we must also do our part – by staying at home or helping”.

In Verduno, Enrico Vanni and his team have shown incredible compassion, determination, helpfulness and solidarity in recent weeks. Thank you for commitment!

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