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Technician positions at TK Elevator.

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Crazy about technology.

A common condition at TK Elevator.

To work as a technician at TK Elevator, you need to love what you do and identify with our quest to deliver innovative solutions. Our technician positions focus on ensuring successful product development and providing services for our mobility solutions. These services represent who we are and what we want to achieve. The MAX cloud-based elevator maintenance system, for example, sets industry standards and is becoming ever more prevalent in our everyday work. Our accomplished technicians specialize in either production or service and tend to have qualified as electronics technicians, mechatronics technicians, electricians or mechanics. But even if you have a different technical background, you could still be a good match for our company.


Which roles do we assign to you as a technician?


The services provided by TK Elevator are divided into the following three skilled areas: new installations, modernizations and system servicing. Our technicians each specialize in one of these skilled areas and all work with the customer on site. This could be a construction site or an existing building with an already installed system. Our technicians on site need to be self-organizers who enjoy structuring their tasks. After all, they are assigned only one order and must then independently work through the tasks of a technician.


As a technician at TK Elevator, you will mainly work in our production plants for elevators, escalators, home and stair lifts and passenger boarding bridges. Here, our technicians manufacture the parts required for our future-oriented mobility solutions around the world. These can be found in special buildings such as the One World Trade Center in New York and the clock tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, as well as in a multitude of conventional underground stations, department stores, airports and office buildings.

Level of experience.

We offer technician roles across all entry levels.

At TK Elevator, school-leavers interested in technology are offered excellent opportunities in the form of exciting formal vocational training programs. These enable them to qualify as, for example, a mechatronics or electronics technician. For more information on these positions, please refer to the career starter page.

This entry level caters both to experienced technicians looking for an interesting working environment in a company with a bright future, and to entry-level technicians who have recently completed a vocational training program. Our technicians work either in production or in one of the three skilled service areas described above. For more information on these positions, please refer to the current vacancies advertised on our job board.

Our regional supervisors are our most experienced technicians and therefore oversee and direct their teams. They need to be adept at delegating tasks, organizing things and engaging with customers. Our regional supervisors never lose sight of the overall objective and serve as an interface between their technicians and the customers.

Service technician jobs: an example

Requirements and offer.

“When I work on an escalator support structure, I am always 100-percent focused. Any distractions could mean that all my work was for nothing.”

Yaohua He
Service technician,
TK Elevator

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